Health Benefits of Folate for Children, Athletes and Seniors


  • Folate is the form of B9 found in leafy greens and other foods and can be directly utilized by your body. For this reason, it’s the preferred form, and is particularly important if you have liver problems
  • Folic acid is the synthetic form typically found in supplements. Folic acid is not biologically active in and of itself, but provided your liver is healthy, it will convert folic acid into the active form
  • Research suggests 15% of adults over the age of 50 may be deficient in folate, and the older you are, the greater the deficiency. Folate may help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke by lowering your homocysteine level
  • Taking baker’s yeast, which contains folates, has been shown to minimize post-exercise immunosuppression in athletes, and folic acid supplementation can help lower the risk of cardiovascular events relating to exertion
  • 2018 research found higher folic acid exposure in utero was associated with improved cortical maturation in the child, which in turn predicted a reduced risk for symptoms of psychosis

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Eating Fruit for Healing Power

The wonderful sweet berry is not just for dessert anymore; it has healing power. Berries contain large amounts of insoluble fiber (absorbent fiber); therefore, berries help prevent constipation. The blueberry is a powerhouse of nutrients that may improve memory as well as lower blood sugar. A cup of strawberries contains enough vitamin C for the day to fight against arthritis. Ellagic acid in black raspberries may help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

The healing power of apples is amazing; Apples contain, in their skin, Quercetin, an antioxidant that may fight Alzheimer’s disease. Apples are also full of pectin, a natural ingredient that can lower cholesterol. Apples are also full of soluble fiber which helps slow down glucose in the bloodstream.

Don’t forget the healing powers of papayas. They are full of beta cryptoxanthin, an antioxidant that may control arthritis in your knees. Heal a wound with papaya. Make a dressing of unripe papaya. It encourages new skin growth and reduces infection.

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