Five Ways Astragalus Helps your Body Heal Itself

With a healing reputation in Eastern medicine that’s already thousands of years old, the astragalus herb, renowned for its ability to deeply strengthen the immune system, is becoming even more widely used in Western treatments as well.

Derived from a perennial plant native to China, Mongolia and Korea, the plant’s root is dried, prepared into a tincture, tablet or topical treatment, and applied as a natural remedy for all kinds of health conditions, from fatigue, ulcers and liver toxicity, to diabetes, blood pressure and circulation, and even cancer. Continue reading

Earthing: A Simple (and Free) Way to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Since the beginning of creation there has been a flow of energy between our bodies and Mother Earth that works to support the various systems in our body and scavenge up free radicals that promote inflammation. More specifically, there is a flow of electrons through direct skin contact with the earth’s surface. Our planet has a negative electrical potential that is generated by solar winds, Continue reading

How to Choose Assistance in Getting Off Painkillers

There’s only a fine line between a real need for chronic pain medications and the abyss of narcotic addiction. Intractable chronic pain needs treatment or it can ruin your life: uproot your marriage, destroy your job and condemn you to debilitating depression. When faced with problematic painkiller addiction, you must seek the proper professional assistance.

A Serious Problem

How bad does the problem get with using chronic pain relievers? The following is a  very typical history shared by a patient:

“I can’t even count the times I tried and failed to get off painkillers. For three years I tried to stop taking that stuff! Continue reading

Improve your Health by Hugging a Tree

Tree hugging, that much maligned hippy generation idea, has now been shown to have scientific validity after all. Contrary to popular belief, touching a tree does make you healthier. In fact you don’t even have to touch the tree to get better, just being within its vicinity has the same effect.

In a recently published book, Blinded by Science, ( the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees improve many health issues such as; mental illnesses, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration levels, reaction times, depression and the ability to alleviate headaches.

Countless studies have shown that children show significant psychological and physiological effects  Continue reading

Secrets of Anti-Aging Adaptogenic Herbs

BEVERLY-HILLS – Adaptogenics address the whole body to create internal balance, increasing or decreasing functions as necessary. They can be taken as tonics for a lifetime without side effects. There are three basic aspects of the human condition being balanced known as Chinese medicine’s three treasures.

This candle metaphor describes these three treasures. The wax body of the candle is Jing, which is the body’s physiological energy foundation or reservoir. The flame is Qi or Chi, the body’s daily functioning energy. Shen is the light from the candle’s flame depicting one’s spiritual and emotional tone.

There are several adaptogenic herbs from traditional Chinese medicine that can be used as tonics safely and economically to maintain youthful vigor and health. Because virtually everyone can benefit from the Reishi mushroom it will be discussed here.

One should consult a practitioner of Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, or a qualified herbalist while furthering one’s understanding of other herbs for long term self application.

The Reishi or Ganoderma Mushroom

Traditionally, Reishi is considered the master longevity herb that benefits all three treasures of Chinese medicine.

Reishi also has immunomodulatory characteristics. This means that if anything is lacking in any system, such as the immune or endocrine system, this herb acts to stimulate and increase that system as needed. Conversely, any overproduction or excess is toned down to maintain proper balance.

Some benefits of Reishi observed in modern science are anti-bronchitis, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor, antiviral, lower blood pressure, bone marrow nucleated cell proliferation, cardiotonic, central relaxent, killer cell enhancer, immunomodulatory, anti-HIV, liver protective and detoxifying, radiation protection, anti-ulcer, white blood cell and hematoglobin blood increase.

Making Your Tonic

When ordering, make sure you get mushrooms that are organically farmed or picked wild far away from highways or factories. Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers must be avoided. Mushrooms are like sponges, and they’ll soak up whatever poisons there are in the soil.

Teas are the most common means of ingesting tonic herbs. After bringing the water and mushrooms to a boil, how long you simmer depends on the cut of mushrooms.

The rule of thumb is to pour out the liquid after at least a half hour or more, then add some water and boil further until the liquid no longer changes color or has a bitter taste. You should make enough for a week at a time. This is not a quick tea arrangement.

Many think tinctures are even better. You can use 100 proof vodka, which is 50 percent alcohol, or pure grain (drinkable) alcohol mixed 50 percent with distilled water. Put enough mushrooms in a large jar to fill it at least one-third to half way.

Then pour in the alcohol/water solution or vodka to just below the top of the jar. Seal and shake gently. Store in a cool dark space, and gently shake once every day for a month. You tincture is ready. A couple of droppers a day should suffice and last a long time. By the way, this is how to make any herbal tincture.

You can use teas while your tincture solution brews if you wish to start taking advantage of Reishi’s benefits right away.