Smell of Pumpkin Pie Arouses Male Senses

Some aromas have been found to be especially arousing for men. Topping the list of scents that produced increased penile blood flow in men studied was the scent of pumpkin pie and lavender. Researchers Alan Hirsch MD and colleague Dr. Jason Gruss studied various aromas, finding pumpkin pie and lavender scents increased blood flow to the penis 40 percent among men studied.

The researchers studied 24 different smells and 6 combinations of scents in 31 men, ages 18 to 64, recruited from rock radio broadcasts. They assessed 30 different odors and their effect on penile blood flow, using a plethysmograph.

Smell of Pumpkin Pie may Make Men Alert to Sexual Cues

Next to pumpkin pie and lavender, licorice and doughnut scents were found to sexually arouse men. The increase in penile blood flow was 31.5 percent. The researchers say it’s difficult to understand exactly why pumpkin pie and other scents arouse men. One theory is the scents make men more alert to sexual cues via olfactory pathways that connect with the brain.

The scientists know odors can positively affect behavior that in turn could lead to more blood flow to the penis. Pumpkin pie combined with the odor of doughnuts, increased blood flow 20 percent in the study.

Hirsch says it also could be the odors are just relaxing, or even remind men of past sexual partners or simply their favorite foods. Cranberry wasn’t at the top of the list, but also studied – the fruit only produced a 2 percent increase in blood flow to the penis. For older men, the response to vanilla was stronger compared to younger men. Pumpkin pie, lavender, doughnuts, black licorice and orange are all scents that seem to arouse men, for whatever reason. It seems the way to a man’s heart is definitely food related.