Tarot By Janine 💖 Huge Amount Of Infomation From Matt Gaetz Revealed!


All our videos are for entertainment purposes only, just our opinion as we see in the cards-intuitive-psychic interpretation- and not presenting as fact! Enjoy! Continue reading

Screening for Oral cancer

Did You Know…

… that the very best test for oral cancer and many other major health problems is to stick out your tongue?

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a well-respected and innovative dentistry expert, recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss the importance of Continue reading

How Chinese Face Reading Reveals the State of Your Health

The state of your overall health may be as simple to discern as using Chinese face reading to examine your face. So say ancient healing systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Face reading (mien shiang or mien xiang, pronounced “myen-shung”) originated in China nearly 3,000 years ago. Originally, this medical art was practiced by Taoist monk healers. Today, Eastern practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Continue reading

Dissecting Dyslexia: Linking Reading to Voice Recognition

New research: Dyslexic individuals have significant difficulty recognizing voices.

When people recognize voices, part of what helps make voice recognition accurate is noticing how people pronounce words differently. But individuals with dyslexia don’t experience this familiar language advantage, say researchers.

The likely reason: “phonological impairment.”

Tyler Perrachione with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explains, “Even though all people who speak a language use the same words, they say those words just a little bit differently from one another–what is called ‘phonetics’ in linguistics.” Continue reading

Protect Your Mind

You don’t have to be plagued by forgetfulness, those annoying moments when you can’t quite remember where the car keys are or where your train of thought wandered to. Stimulate your brain with enjoyable mental activity, support it with the right nutrients and you can decline to succumb to a declining memory.

Most of us live a modern-day life filled to the brim with high-intensity schedules — juggling work, family, hobbies, exercise and appointments, plus often caring for older or younger generations of family members. And what’s worse, during these hectic times, we have all experienced momentary memory loss. We may forget the placement of keys or the main point of what we were just saying.

Research funded by the National Institute on Aging indicates age-related mental decline is not  Continue reading

Five simple Solutions to Prolong Sleep

Does the question “How’d you sleep?” make you want to scream?  Here are the five most common types of middle-of-the-night sleep problems, and what to do about them.

Problem #1: You’re awake for no reason, with your mind spinning.

Middle-of-the-night worrying is probably the number-one type of sleeplessness faced by people of all ages. It is very frustrating. You know you need to relax and get back to sleep, but anxious thoughts and to-do list items keep popping into your head.

What to do

1. Preserve the darkness. Keep the room dark when you wake up. Keep a small book light or mini flashlight next to your bed and use it to navigate your  Continue reading