Real Risk of a Sneaky Deficiency for Vegans and Vegetarians


  • Although there are several reasons people choose to stop eating meat, experts warn it’s important to understand your nutritional needs and include a vitamin B12 supplement to reduce real and permanent risks linked to deficiency
  • Moving into a new year more people consider lifestyle changes to affect physical, mental and emotional health. January has been dubbed “Veganuary,” as the number who choose to be vegetarians grows dramatically after the first of the year
  • There are some plant sources of active B12, but they also have B12 analogues blocking the uptake of true B12, potentially lowering your vitamin levels even further
  • Other conditions placing you at risk for deficiency are eating or absorption disorders, regular alcohol consumption, diabetes and long-term antacid use
  • Your heart and nervous system are dependent on vitamin B12. Consider using a quality supplement with the naturally occurring methylcobalamin form of the vitamin

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