USDA invests $42M in telehealth infrastructure

The goal of the investment, which also provides for distance learning technology, is to improve health outcomes and education for some five million rural residents, the agency says. Continue reading

Telemedicine Finally Taking off in Rural Areas

The National Broadband Network, with its promised high speeds, is still a long way off, but already thousands of patients in rural and remote Australia are using slower broadband for their day to day healthcare needs.

Doctors and clinicians are eagerly awaiting the NBN, but telehealth experts are already trialing new technology that will save not just money but lives.

This is health care in the not too distant future, but the tools will be familiar to many tech savvy households – high definition television, video conferencing and the latest iPad. Continue reading

Telemedicine Connects Big-City Hospitals to Underserved Rural Areas

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, with the help of video feeds along with the advent of Telemedicine, a combined system of computers and telecommunications, has become the overseer of intensive care patients at rural hospitals across the Midwest.

Can you believe that only two critical care doctors and nine nurses in the St. Louis area manage more than 400 patients at St. John’s Mercy and a dozen other hospitals in four states? Well, according to this original piece from St. Louis Today’s Jim Doyle, this feat is made possible by round-the-clock shifts.

In these in round-the-clock shifts, the small teams at St. John’s Medical Center scans patients’ vital signs and review their medications, lab work,  Continue reading