Dr. Judy Mikovits warns Fauci may release MORE deadly bioweapons on the world


Dr. Judy Mikovits warns Fauci may release MORE deadly bioweapons on the world Continue reading

Dr. Richard Fleming interview with Mike Adams: ‘The vaccine is the bioweapon’


Dr. Richard Fleming interview with Mike Adams: ‘The vaccine is the bioweapon’ Continue reading

Lab science whistleblower: The only real pandemic is a pandemic of quack science PCR testing fraud


Lab science whistleblower: The only real pandemic is a pandemic of quack science PCR testing fraud Continue reading

The Real Reason They’re Pushing Vaccines So Hard is Both Ludicrous and Terrifying


One does not have to be an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist to apply logic to this whole scenario and realize things aren’t as they seem.

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Introduction to COVID Treatments


Doctors worldwide were actively discouraged from helping and even prevented from saving their patients. Esteemed doctors and medical facilities have developed effective treatment protocols for COVID-19, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Emory. Yet, all have been suppressed and censored in an apparent effort to cause as much suffering and death as possible. Continue reading

Chinese flu vs. American flu: Understanding the fake pandemic


What if there was no such thing as Covid-19, and the US government simply told everyone that the flu is expected to spread more easily this year, so we are going to shut down all “non-essential” businesses, make everyone wear a mask at all times, and require experimental, unsafe vaccinations for anyone interested in traveling anywhere, ever again? Would you have believed it? Would you still believe it? Would you cooperate? Continue reading

Vaccine “spike” proteins are spreading more disease


The “science-based medicine skeptics” having a fit over the fact that people are learning the truth about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are shedding deadly “spike” proteins that trigger more disease. Continue reading

PrepWithMike – How to RAPIDLY make emergency HERBAL medicine with an ultrasonic cleaner


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Amazing aquatic life: Blue-banded sea snakes “breathe” through their heads

Sea snakes, despite their name, still need to surface to get air to breathe. Australian researchers, however, have found one species that has developed an organ that lets it effectively “breathe” underwater for a limited time. Continue reading



The next chapter of this plandemic will be the FINAL LOCKDOWN for humanity… mass extermination, door-to-door medical kidnappings, forced inoculations and engineered famine


Several years ago when I warned that Big Pharma and the vaccine industry staged the measles outbreak at Disneyland in order to push California’s SB 277 vaccine mandate law, very few people believed the vaccine industry was capable of such a nefarious plot. They laughed and mocked at the “conspiracy theory,” but fast forward to 2020 and no one’s laughing anymore. Continue reading

The dark reality of 5G technology: What is the 5G Dragnet?


5G is the fifth-generation mobile network, and telecom companies are playing up its faster speeds and greater connectivity. In fact, it is said to be at least 10 times faster than the 4G LTE network in use now, although some experts say it could even be 100 times faster, allowing people to download a two-hour movie in under 10 seconds. They boast that it can connect virtually everyone and everything imaginable together, but it is precisely these qualities that make it so threatening. Continue reading

Beer Pouring Robot Programmed to Anticipate Human Actions

A robot in Cornell’s Personal Robotics Lab has learned to foresee human action in order to step in and offer a helping hand, or more accurately, roll in and offer a helping claw.

Understanding when and where to pour a beer or knowing when to offer assistance opening a refrigerator door can be difficult for a robot Continue reading

Top Healing Foods that Stop Ovarian Cancer in its Tracks

Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly diseases out there. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women — an astounding 14,000 out of 23,000 diagnosed each year, die. Ovarian cancer tends to be aggressive and generally has very few symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. Fortunately, several natural remedies have proven to be exceptionally useful in both preventing and curing this silent killer. Ginger, ginkgo biloba, green tea and flaxseed are all remarkably effective Continue reading

Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are Suspended across Europe and Canada


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  • A recent review found that flu vaccines may not offer protection as previously thought. The elderly, in particular, do not appear to receive measureable value from the flu shot. Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines also didn’t offer much protection to children over the age of seven Continue reading