Strontium The Mineral that Can Boost your Bone Health

Strontium not only slows down the breakdown of bone, it actually stimulates new bone growth. That’s unheard of. No other nutrient can work so well at doing both.

Strontium: TheRemarkable Bone-Building Superstar Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

If you’re at high risk for osteoporosis, strontium may help. But whatever you do, please don’t confuse it with strontium-90, the man-made, radioactive compound that has nothing to do with bone health!

Natural strontium is a non-toxic trace mineral that studies show can help fragile bones weakened by age, race, heredity, or other factors become stronger and more flexible. Natural strontium is safe, even in high doses.

Strontium is chemically similar to calcium, but it’s Continue reading