More News about this Life-Changing Chinese Medicine

Qigong, the subject of this series in Doctors Health Press, is a mainstay of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an amazing performance of slow, simple movements and postures that wind up being so good for you. Qigong combines movement with meditation. There are at least 1,000 types, all involving either a simple routine of calisthenics, or a complex set of exercises intended Continue reading

Statins Slow Your Brain Down

While many Americans take statin drugs to reduce their cholesterol in order to protect their heart, that reduction in cholesterol may be hurting their brains. Continue reading

High Doses of ‘Load’ Slows Loss of Bone in Spinal Cord Injury

At the end of a 3-year study, participant’s thighbones that received either a low dose of load or no load had a density that was almost 40 percent lower than thighbones that received a high dose of load Continue reading

The Benefits of Slow Eating

Health secrets about nutrition are numerous and varied, but here’s one for you: eating slowly could keep the pounds off. A new study found it to be true. So it’s time to chew longer and make meals last. Continue reading