Edible School Yards and Healthy Cooking Lessons – Growing Fresh Solutions for Childhood Obesity

Purple carrots, raspberry bushes and a bounty of schoolyard-grown vegetables are sprouting up around the nation. Edible schoolyards are teaching children about sustainability, nutrition and the fun of growing, cooking and eating their own food. As more of these gardens germinate from an idea to a full fledged classroom, children learn about wholesome food choices — helping to curb childhood obesity.

The blossoming of garden classrooms

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Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions in Northern European Countries

A new project will aim to implement transnational telemedicine solutions at scale, and in a sustainable manner, into everyday practice across several northern European countries, it was announced on 24 June 2011.

The ‘Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions’ (ITTS) project aims to continue the work carried out in the Competitive Health Services project in which existing best practices and innovations were piloted. Ten demonstrator projects on the themes of video consultation, mobile self-management and home-based health services will be implemented in clinical specialties. These specialties include speech therapy, renal services, psychiatry, emergency services, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, rehabilitation and care of the elderly. The outputs will be quantified using common evaluation methods, including health economics.

The project is funded under the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) for a total of €2.3 million and will last from September 2011 to December 2013. It will be led by the Centre for Rural Health in Inverness, Scotland, where three new posts will be created. It involves partners from five northern European countries: Finland, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland and Scotland), Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Toe nail fungus is a disease that many people have experienced and even more can’t get rid of for years. It’s very easy to get infected with and just as hard to cure. Even though the market is full of products claiming high efficiency and a very low recurrence rate, people suffering from this condition are constantly searching for methods that would be safer, faster and not as expensive. In fact, it’s not hard to find a good cure for nail fungus at a fair price.

Homemade solutions are becoming more popular every day while over-the-counter drugs and those sold with prescription are losing their status. Natural nail fungus remedies are more preferable because there are no collateral effects reported, and although many people are still not 100% sure whether they can trust such methods, it’s a fact that they are quite effective.

There is just one thing to remember: home remedies to cure nail fungus should be applied with special care and caution. The products used more often include Listerine mouthwash, bleach or even vinegar. These are easily accessible (especially considering the fact that you can find them at home) and comparatively safe. Continue reading