Maintain a Healthy Weight With These Natural Antiobesity Agents


Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight may be tough, but these natural aids can help you lose unwanted pounds — and keep them off for good Continue reading

The Soup That Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

The overwhelming amount of evidence that a Mediterranean diet is the healthiest choice has encouraged many people to start cooking Italian, but there’s a refreshing dish from another Mediterranean nation that has been clinically indicated to lower blood


Gazpacho, which can be served as a soup or a drink, Continue reading

Five simple Solutions to Prolong Sleep

Does the question “How’d you sleep?” make you want to scream?  Here are the five most common types of middle-of-the-night sleep problems, and what to do about them.

Problem #1: You’re awake for no reason, with your mind spinning.

Middle-of-the-night worrying is probably the number-one type of sleeplessness faced by people of all ages. It is very frustrating. You know you need to relax and get back to sleep, but anxious thoughts and to-do list items keep popping into your head.

What to do

1. Preserve the darkness. Keep the room dark when you wake up. Keep a small book light or mini flashlight next to your bed and use it to navigate your  Continue reading