South Alabama Doctors Using Telemedicine to see more Patients and Saving Money

Mental Health Centers across South Alabama are using technology to save money and see more patients.

Dr. Thomas Merritt has patients in Troy, Union Springs and Tuskegee. Instead of driving to meet with those patients, now Dr. Merritt can see them on a television screen in his office.

With a click of a button, Dr. Thomas Merritt, who is sitting in his Troy office, is in Union Springs.

“I’m in Union Springs. This is where our clients will be sitting when they meet with doctor Merritt,” says Ella Ousley.

Merritt is the only doctor at the East Central Mental Health Centers in Troy, Union Springs and Tuskegee. By using telemedicine, Merritt can see more patients and save the health center money.  All he has to do is turn the camera on, select the office he wants to call, and wait to be connected.

“It’s saving me about 40 minutes extra  Continue reading