Boost Your Immune System with Zinc

Did you know that more than 300 unique enzymes need zinc to work effectively? Zinc is found in each cell of your body. It is involved directly in nearly every single bodily process that you can think of.

But that’s not all that makes zinc an amazing mineral. Zinc also has the power to boost your immune system in a special way. Continue reading

Insight into Men’s Testosterone Levels

Most people know that a man’s testosterone level peaks around age 20, and begins a steady decline from about 40 years old on, so that it is about 50% less by the time he is 80 years old.  What I don’t hear people talking about is the fact that, except in extreme cases, knowing what a man’s testosterone level is not really that helpful.  First, there is a huge range in what is considered ‘normal’ for testosterone.  For example, in men 20-30 years old, a normal testosterone level is anywhere between 270-1030 (almost a 4-fold difference). That level refers to total testosterone level, most of which travels through the body attached to a protein that keeps it from having any effect in the body.  Only free testosterone is what is important.  Furthermore, testosterone levels fluctuate greatly throughout the day.  Since testosterone levels are highest in the morning, which is usually when a sample is taken.

The other thing to consider is that since there is such a large range of normal, different men will feel differently with exactly the same testosterone level.  It is probably more helpful Continue reading