Weight Lifting Can Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

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In addition to high intensity interval training, weight lifting is an excellent way to get rid of that stubborn excess body fat Continue reading

The Top Seven Free Things You Can Do to Get Healthier at Home

Remember when everyone used to exercise at home, before going to the gym became the only way to stay fit? Believe it or not, you can get in shape and boost the health of your heart, lungs, digestive system, brain, and just about every other thing in your body without ever leaving the comfort

of your own living room. Continue reading

Dramatically Effective Natural Treatment Found for Stroke-Caused Brain Damage

Research findings just announced at the Canadian Stroke Congress provide hopeful news for stroke victims. A treatment has been documented that can improve memory, language, thinking and judgment problems by almost 50 percent — all within about six months after a person suffers a stroke. The therapy isn’t a new Big Pharma drug or surgical treatment. Instead, Continue reading