Banish Osteoporosis and Tooth Loss with these Superstar Teas

osteopoIf you have weak teeth and bones, or simply would like to fortify yourself against future problems, select herbal teas are a great daily choice. Packed with bone enhancing compounds, these age-old elixirs are a tasty way to strengthen skeletal structure and shore up the teeth. An Ayurvedic herb has even been found to remove tooth and bone ravaging fluoride from water, providing an economical solution to this worrisome chemical.

Top herbal teas for tooth and bone health

An easy way to strengthen Continue reading

Six Homeopathic Healers for this Skin Problem

Here is another batch of health secrets from homeopathic medicine. Here we look at the uncomfortable, painful situation we know as boils. Here are the best six homeopathic remedies to soothe this condition.

Boils are caused by a bacterial infection in your hair follicles. As they fill with pus, they get increasingly painful. They are more common in those with Continue reading

Salvestrols – A Natural Anti-Cancer Chemicals Found in Every Day Fruits

There are nutritional compounds called Salvestrols that seek out cancer cells present in the body … and unleash a stream of chemical agents which kill cancer cells within 30 minutes—but keep normal cells unharmed?

Salvestrols are a new class of natural anti-cancer chemicals found in certain dietary plants and fruits. Salvestrols Unlike other natural compounds and phytochemicals that are categorized as a single chemical type of plant compound, Salvestrols are defined on the basis of their mechanism of anti-cancer action.

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The Top 8 Pain-Fighting Agents for Removing Sore Painful Muscles and Joints

Homeopathies are among one of the most popular remedies for people trying to stay away from the greedy, uncaring drug companies of America and around the world. Wish to use natural safe ingredients in your body? Read this list of some of the most effective pain-reducing homeopathies in the world.


Before the Middle Ages, Belladonna was taken as an anesthetic for surgery. That’s how powerful it is! Today it’s used in many cough syrups to take away the pain in your throat… as well as alleviating the symptoms of intestinal inflammation, menstrual cycles, and is even being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Continue reading