The Slavic Power Vortex – A Master’s Perspective on the Russia / Ukraine Conflict

Russia and Ukraine are playing out an ancient battle on the world stage, shadowed by a very real threat of nuclear catastrophe. As Putin and Zelenskyy lead the fight in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario, humanity watches with trepidation to see how far it will go. But this battle is not about right and wrong or even victim versus oppressor. Continue reading

Gregg Braden – These ANCIENT Parables Represent the Mirrors of HUMAN RELATIONSHIP

Gregg Braden reveals that people and events in our lives are reflections of who we are internally. As we dive deeper into the properties of the divine matrix, we delve into the mirror-like nature of our universe. He explains that everything that happens internally is reflected in everything around us. This can be seen in the three mirrors of human relationships and how they play out in our lives. The reflective nature of our reality is not only seen in matters of love, but in the repetition of historical events through cyclical time.

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