Israeli MDs give free counseling to coronavirus patients worldwide

Physicians from some of Israel’s largest hospitals have volunteered for the Innonation social project geared to helping isolated patients all over the world.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine May Effectively Promote Fertility

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing interest in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) techniques in the U.S. Americans have been exploring how these alternative remedies can treat disease, ease pain and promote fertility. Continue reading

Possible Green Pesticides to Develop from Israeli Scientists

Scientists from Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) Department of Physics and Astronomy have developed a bacterial “Social-IQ score” system that they say paves the way for the development of intelligence-based “green” pesticides. If successfully replicated, the discovery could lead to a viable replacement for the toxic, chemical-based pesticides currently used in conventional agriculture.

“Bacteria are our worst enemies, but they can also be our best friends,” said Alexandra Sirota-Madi, a research student at TAU and co-author of the recent study. “To better exploit their capabilities and to outsmart pathogenic bacteria, we must realize their social intelligence.”

The way it works, at least in theory, is that if scientists can outsmart the “smartest” bacteria, they can then develop unique, non-chemical methods of deterring crop damage. And though it may seem revolutionary, the process is actually what bacteria do naturally Continue reading