Billions in Health Care Subsidies Hang on Supreme Court Decision

This Kaiser Family Foundation infographic shows the number of people at risk of losing federal subsidies if the Supreme Court strikes down the IRS rules and limits the subsidies for coverage in the state exchanges.

A new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis reveals how much is at stake in a health insurance law premium Continue reading

Mobile Health Applications Make an Impact in the UK

Mobile health applications via smart phones or tablets are making an impact on engaging patients with their wellness throughout the United States. The US, however, isn’t the only country where mobile health applications reign. The United Kingdom, for example, has an opportunity to link any health data recorded via their iPhone onto their secure medical records platform Continue reading

Could Tumeric Save Us from the CDC’s Bacteria

A new study published in the journal Molecule indicates that the ancient Indian spice turmeric may help to countermand the growing threat of bacteria that have become completely resistant to Continue reading

Most Employees Don’t Know Difference between FSA, HSA: Survey

hsaMost employees don’t know the basic difference between health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts, according to a new survey.

Nearly 75% of those responding to a Fidelity Investments survey said HSAs were pretty much the same thing as FSAs or were unsure of how FSAs and HSAs differ. Continue reading

Midwest Obstetricians Find that Telemedicine really Delivers

obstetricsMidwest Maternal-Fetal Medicine, a St. Louis-based group of high-risk obstetricians, tripled its number of telemedicine consultations during the first half of the year to accommodate a higher number of patients at outlying facilities.

The practice cares for approximately 1,300 patients per year using telemedicine, which is available at its Washington and Continue reading

CMS Adjustments Would Cut Home Health Pay Rates

homehealthA series of rebasing and coding adjustments from the CMS would cause home health agencies to see a 1.5% reduction in their Medicare payments for 2014, which the CMS estimates could lower total payments to these facilities by $290 million next year. Continue reading

Berg Insight Says 2.8 Million Patients Are Remotely Monitored Today

RPMAccording to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, around 2.8 million patients worldwide were using a home monitoring service based on equipment with integrated connectivity at the end of 2012. The figure comprises all patients that were using dedicated devices for remote monitoring. Continue reading

More than Disease Management Needed to Control Costs, JAMA Study Says

manageThe U.S. will have to do more to prevent chronic illness than simply managing it better in order to save significantly on costs for Medicare‘s most expensive patients, a new study suggests. Continue reading

“Voice of Mobile Health” Predicts FDA’s Final Guidance Will not Mean More Rules

mobilehealthThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is under severe pressure to decide how it will regulate mobile health applications.

While the FDA demurs on issuing its final guidance over which medical and consumer health apps come under its jurisdiction, Continue reading

Telehealth Reaches More Urban Wealthy than Rural Poor

telemed-283x300Is telehealth reaching the “right” people?  A new report by the US Department of Commerce and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) reveals that internet users living in urban areas are twice as likely to take advantage of telehealth services than rural populations, and users with incomes over $100,000 were nearly three times as likely to use telehealth or research medical information online than their low-income counterparts. Continue reading

Revamp ACO Rules to Improve Chronic Care, Wyden Urges

Ron-Wyden(Updated with comment from former CMS Administrator Mark McClellan.)

A leading proponent of Medicare reform on Capitol Hill says Congress should change the accountable care program to make sure ACOs are improving care for the sickest patients. Continue reading

Large Employers Won’t Cut Worker Hours Due to PPACA: Towers Watson

timeNearly all large employers are not considering reducing the number of hours employees work in response to the health care reform law, according to a survey released Thursday.

Ninety-eight percent of employers surveyed by Towers Watson & Co. said they have not and are not considering asking full-time employees to move to part-time status due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

The Technological Benefits of Mobile Health in Minority Communities.

minoWith all the mobile apps and resources available for games, entertainment and media, have you ever thougbht about the impact that mobile apps could have on your health? Introducing mHealth, the term used to describe the use of your mobile phone for health. The Joint Center for Continue reading

Some Employers Look for Ways to Avoid Covering More Workers under New Obamacare Rules

obamacarerulesMcCoy Faulkner collects $81 a day as a substitute teacher in the Wake County Public School System. A mere sub, he has no benefits.

The 62-year-old former Raleigh police officer shells out $580 a month for an individual insurance policy, more than half his monthly pay. The full-time teachers for whom Faulkner fills in, however, are eligible for free health insurance, with no monthly premiums, through their employer.

That’s why Faulkner was Continue reading