Why Telemedicine is so Important and Necessary

Telemedicine has been considered a luxury item for hospitals with big budgets.

There’s a reason for this – most telemedicine solutions start at around $30,000 for the equipment on both ends. But recent advances in telemedicine technology have brought it to a level where not only is it feasible for small rural hospitals, it’s almost medically necessary, especially for rural hospitals.

Small rural hospitals don’t always have full medical staffs, so expert specialists may not be nearby. With telemedicine, experts can still see patients up close, depending on the quality of the telemedicine product, and provide opinions and medical advice, regardless of location.

Polycom, a leader in teleconferencing, offers the definition of telehealth and telemedicine as the live interaction between a clinician and a patient from a distance, but the interaction is something that is usually done in person.

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