Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links


  • The AstraZeneca vaccine is being promoted for developing countries, in part because it doesn’t require the deep-freeze cold storage that mRNA vaccines do, so the logistics surrounding distribution are less complex
  • Patents and royalties for the AstraZeneca vaccine are held by a private company called Vaccitech, investors of which include Google Ventures, the Wellcome Trust, the Chinese branch of Sequoia Capital, the Chinese drug company Fosun Pharma and the British government
  • While AstraZeneca has promised it will not make any profit from its vaccine, there’s a time limit on this pledge. The not-for-profit vow expires once the pandemic is over, and AstraZeneca itself appears to have a say when it comes to declaring the end date
  • The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was co-developed by Adrian Hill, who has long-term ties to the British eugenics movement through his work with the Wellcome Trust’s Centre for Human Genetics and affiliation with the Galton Institute, formerly the U.K. Eugenics Society
  • Members of the Galton Institute have called for population reduction in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia and Africa, the very areas where the AstraZeneca vaccine is being promoted

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