40% of IVF Treatments Are Unnecessary


  • One scientist believes up to 40% of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures may be unnecessary if a woman’s low progesterone levels are treated. In response to her own struggle with miscarriages, Amy Galliher-Beckley, Ph.D., designed a urine test for progesterone metabolites she believes will help women avoid IVF
  • Progesterone and estrogen are two important hormones that affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant and support a pregnancy. Beckley found she could conduct a simple urine test to evaluate the presence of progesterone metabolites, necessary to develop a healthy uterine lining
  • When there isn’t enough progesterone produced and secreted the condition is called Luteal Phase Defect, which affects the menstrual cycle after ovulation and until pregnancy or menstruation. Progesterone may be affected by anorexia, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome and high levels of exercise
  • Factors over which a woman has control include smoking, eating well and avoiding excessive alcohol. One factor affecting fertility over which a woman does not have control is sperm count, which has declined by up to 60% in North America since 1973

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