Tests to Assess Your Risk for Chronic Disease and COVID-19


  • Glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease frequently follow each other. Glaucoma can be viewed as “Alzheimer’s disease of the eye,” and Alzheimer’s as “glaucoma of the brain”
  • Cataracts are a manifestation of your innate immune response against acute or chronic infection. The infection is what’s causing this unfolded protein response to matriculate
  • Early cataracts are a bad sign for longevity. Most people with cataracts die of some vascular event fairly young
  • Many common lab tests can also tell you a lot about your health and the state of your immune system; the usefulness of 11 lab tests is reviewed
  • Retinal assessment and various lab assays can identify a brewing problem, which can then be addressed using strategies such as nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes

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