Regenerative Medicine for Nerve and Neuropathic Pain


  • Dr. Matthew Cook, a regenerative medicine specialist and founder of BioReset Medical in Campbell, California, offers several novel therapies, including NAD supplementation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hydrodissection
  • NAD+ is a vital coenzyme found in all living cells. It’s essential for over 700 enzymatic reactions in your body, including ones occurring in your mitochondria. Without sufficient NAD, you’re likely to die prematurely
  • A side effect of rapid NAD IV infusion is a flush-like experience similar to that of niacin. This is likely an effect of methyl depletion, and can be circumvented by taking a methyl donor such as glycine or trimethylglycine
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy appears to have significant antiaging benefits; it’s a potent anti-inflammatory that removes senescent cells and increases stem cell activation. It can also improve cognitive function, and help optimize cellular oxygenation and nutrient uptake
  • Hydrodissection involves injecting a substance such as 5% dextrose, placental matrix, stem cells, platelet-rich plasma or fat around nerves, thereby treating many different kinds of nerve pain. Back pain can also be treated this way

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