Tapping Into Negative Mental Chatter to Yourself


  • Correlations exist between self-critical self-talk and self-esteem, such that the more negative thoughts you have about yourself, the more your self-esteem suffers
  • In the featured video, Julie Schiffman demonstrates a simple technique to gain control of negative mental chatter related to weight management or body image
  • People have, on average, 70,000 thoughts in a day, 40,000 of which are repetitive; this means you could be telling yourself over and over again that you’re not good enough or not worthy
  • With EFT, you can shut down the negative voice and free your mind for more positive thoughts
  • Schiffman recommends that you take “should” out of your vocabulary altogether, because whenever you say, “I should do this or that,” you’re setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment, guilt and shame; say “could” or “will” instead

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