Is Our Reality A Simulated Copy Of Somewhere Else Like The Matrix?

Jason is one of the only researchers in the world who specializes in ancient chronological systems and believes that an analysis of the histories of the world exhibits a perfect mathematical construct that we are living inside.  This, he calls the Simulacrum. Continue reading

Zach Bush MD | The Matrix, Rebirth, Infinite Life, Aging, New Earth, Eternal Life | Ep. 149

We have Zach Bush MD with us today. This is our second interview with Zach. He has gone through a lot of change since we spoke with him last. Something he shared with us in this interview is that he was having to walk away from his Dr. title and practice. The ultimate surrender to his beliefs that you can teach yourself how to heal. It is under your power. We talked about how the body works, and how reality works. We talked about everything from the power of breath work to sacred geometry in ceremony, the roll of aging and our relationship with the Universe and our planet Earth. This is such an important episode. Grasping this information is the next step of humanity. If you want to be part of that, take a listen. Continue reading