Earth Has Reached The End of a 26000 Year Spiritual Cycle (A New World Is Dawning!)

Robert Schwartz sheds more light on Earth’s Ascension process from third density, through fourth density, into 5th density.

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Earth has reached the end of a 26,000-year spiritual cycle. And what’s happening at the end of this 26,000 years is that the earth is moving up in vibration or frequency from the third dimension, or third density through fourth density, which is where we are now. And then eventually, into fifth density. Fifth density is a vibration of oneness and unconditional love.

Robert Schwartz is the author of ‘Your Souls Plan’ and two other books. In 2003 his session with a medium triggered a profound spiritual awakening. He would later understand that this awakening was really a remembering — a remembering of who he his as an eternal soul and, more specifically, what he had planned to do on Earth. Robert serves worldwide as a certified hypnotist specializing in Between Lives Soul Regressions (BLSRs) to help people heal, resolve life issues, and understand their life plan.

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