Dave Asprey | Ayahuasca, EMDR, Forgiveness | Clip 02 | Ep. 162

Welcome to the Pretty Intense Podcast. Today on the shoe is Dave Asprey. I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Dave He is the “Father Of Biohacking.” Dave founded bullet proof coffee. He is a best selling author, working on his 5th book now. He started the amazing “Upgrade Labs” a health center for high achieving health. Dave hosts a podcast called ” The Human Upgrade.” Continue reading

11 Signs You are Living in 5D and Why You are Chosen – 5th Dimension – 5D Ascension

This video explains 11 Signs You are Living in 5D and Why You are Chosen for 5D Ascension. If you observe these signs then you already living in the 5D world (5th dimension) or moving into the 5th dimension (5D earth). fascinating tv The video also explains vibrational frequencies of emotions (emotional frequency chart). 5th dimension is a world having very high frequencies and much better than the 3D world. We are currently experiencing the 3D world. Being a physical world, this 3 dimensional world is very limited. But do you know, there is much more to this reality that most of us are not able to perceive ? Continue reading