Female and Younger Athletes Take Longer to Overcome Concussions

New research out of Michigan State University reveals female athletes and younger athletes take longer to recover from concussions, findings that call for physicians and athletic trainers to take sex and age into account when dealing with the injury. Continue reading

Body Clock ‘Alters’ Immune System

The time of the day could be an important factor in the risk of getting an infection, according to researchers in the US.

They showed how a protein in the immune system was affected by changes in the chemistry of the body through the day. Continue reading

Coping with Shift Work

Working the night or evening shift is tough: physically, mentally, and socially. Shift workers frequently suffer from several health problems including insomnia, obesity, indigestion, and a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Continue reading

Time for Enzymes

Health begins with healthy digestion, and healthy digestion depends on enzymes. You need a reliable supply of enzymes to ensure adequate digestion, absorption and use of food nutrients. Enzymes can also protect you against aging, chronic illness, infections, stress and fatigue.

Enzymes are the most exciting of the micronutrients. These specialized proteins enhance vital chemical reactions throughout your body. The actions of enzymes were just starting to be discovered in the 1800s when researchers learned that stomach secretions can digest meat Continue reading

The Time of Death of a Carrot

When do carrots die? Apparently not in the way most of us thought. Carrots don’t die when you pull them out of the ground, but in fact only die when ingested in the stomach, cooked to 60c in hot water or left out to rot. This startling discovery has serious consequences not only for vegetarians, but also for everyone who is concerned about their health. In the light of the raw milk scandal, it takes on an even greater significance.

In his ground breaking new book, Blinded by Science, www.blindedbyscience.co.uk author Matthew Silverstone provides impressive scientific evidence that supports these ideas and uncovers new information that shows many other unknown aspects of plants will completely alter the way Continue reading

South Alabama Doctors Using Telemedicine to see more Patients and Saving Money

Mental Health Centers across South Alabama are using technology to save money and see more patients.

Dr. Thomas Merritt has patients in Troy, Union Springs and Tuskegee. Instead of driving to meet with those patients, now Dr. Merritt can see them on a television screen in his office.

With a click of a button, Dr. Thomas Merritt, who is sitting in his Troy office, is in Union Springs.

“I’m in Union Springs. This is where our clients will be sitting when they meet with doctor Merritt,” says Ella Ousley.

Merritt is the only doctor at the East Central Mental Health Centers in Troy, Union Springs and Tuskegee. By using telemedicine, Merritt can see more patients and save the health center money.  All he has to do is turn the camera on, select the office he wants to call, and wait to be connected.

“It’s saving me about 40 minutes extra  Continue reading