INFLATION FLIPPING: 7 strategies for acquiring items and services you need without breaking the bank

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Tune your internet survival frequency to for updates on buying the right supplies for emergencies and being ready for more inflation and more supply chain issues. Now here’s a handy indoor gardening 101 instructional video that’s a must see. Check it out. Continue reading

Stay Healthy by Growing your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables guarantees the freshest, best-tasting nutrient-rich food. Tending your organic garden also offers a very personal and spiritual experience.

One of the best ways to stay healthy year-round is to eat in the season thereof. This simply means that when certain foods are in season, you eat as much of them as you can and preserve the excess by canning, dehydrating and freezing.

Have you ever noticed that you crave seasonal fruits and vegetables? That is because our bodies need the nutrients we get from the different foods that are grown in those seasons.

If you don’t grow a garden, you can shop  Continue reading

Perception of Telemedicine Trade

Improvements in communication and information technologies have allowed for the globalization of health services, especially the provision of health services from other countries, such as the use of telemedicine. This has led countries to evaluate their position on whether and to what extent they should open their health systems to trade.

This often takes place from the context of multi-lateral trade agreements (under the auspices of the World Trade Organization), which is misplaced as a significant amount of trade takes place regionally or bi-laterally. We report here the results of a qualitative study assessing stakeholders ‘views on the potential for a bi-lateral trade relationship between India  Continue reading