Unhealthy Employees Cost Businesses $153 Billion in Lost Productivity

About 6 of 7 U.S. workers are overweight and/or have a health condition.

A new Gallup poll estimates that unhealthy workers cost businesses $153 billion a year in lost productivity.

Nearly 110,000 full-time employees were surveyed, self-reporting their height, weight and chronic medical conditions.

According to the poll, only about one in seven employees — 13.9 percent of the workforce — is of normal weight with no chronic condition, logging an average of just .34 unhealthy days per month, or 4 sick days per year. Those who were overweight or obese but who had no chronic conditions reported an average .36 unhealthy days per month.

But the more than 30 percent of the population who reported being overweight or obese with one to two chronic conditions missed an average of 1.08 days per month due to poor health, adding up to over $32 billion in lost productivity. Those who said they were overweight or obese Continue reading