US Tele-Medicine Board Member Peter Rettman is “Instructor of the Year” at University of Washington

(Beverly Hills) – “Peter Rettman, a distinguished member of our Board of Directors earned yet another accolade when the University of Washington awarded him the Instructor of the Year, at a ceremony in Seattle,” announced our Chairman Jacques von Speyer.

Peter, who is a Managing Director of National Securities, has been lecturing at the University of Washington since 1975.  His tenure is highlighted by being the most senior of teaching instructors at the University, having lectured on business, the stock market and the economy, for over Thirty-Five years.

He is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a Major in finance.  Peter began his career working his way through College at Walston and Company, then joined Kidder Peabody from 1973 to 1988, rising to be both a partner at Kidder and a member of the Kidder Associates – achieving the rank of Top 25 retail brokers in the USA.

Peter spent four years at Kemper Securities as Senior Vice President and Sales Manager prior to joining Piper Jaffray as a Managing Director, and Pacific Northwest Equity Marketing Director.  Peter was recognized as one of the top ten Jaffary brokers nationwide. In December 1994 he become an Independent Securities Broker and joining Continue reading