Stop Sugar Cravings with These Two Trace Minerals

 If you frequently crave candy bars, doughnuts, cake, or other sugary foods — and you thought your cravings were just something you were born with, or a condition to which you are naturally or genetically predisposed, there is hard scientific evidence that suggests how you can stop sugar cravings. stop sugar cravings

There is a condition called pica, which triggers the cravings — and it is caused by mineral deficiencies.

An example of pica in the animal world is seen in young calves that are raised for veal. These calves are deficient in iron. They are put into cages soon after birth and purposely fed a diet Continue reading

Four Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Supplements

Any items you might take — herbs, dietary supplements, other natural products, or functional foods such as energy drinks and nutritional bars — can interact with each other and with medications. Doctors Health Press devotes its pages to natural remedies, but this is a reminder that you still must be aware of the risks of interactions. Or, at the very least, your doctor should always know what you are taking. Continue reading