How to Relieve the Pain of Bug Bites

There are lots of ways to discourage the biting and stinging instincts of insects. Wearing DEET-based repellents, lighting citronella candles, and spraying essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus mixed with water all help. So does swearing off perfume and scented body lotions. But inevitably, we get bit or stung. When it happens to you this summer, consider these ways of relieving the itch, swelling, and sting.

1. Itching

It’s summer, so if you’re outdoors there is no escaping at least an occasional mosquito bite and the itch and swelling it brings. Lots of anti-itch creams are available over the counter, and if you’re really bothered you can get a stronger one with a prescription. Antihistamines also help stop the itch, but make sure it’s an oral medication, warns Dr. Leslie Baumann in her Skin Guru blog on Yahoo!Health. Topical antihistamine lotions can actually make things worse by causing an allergic reaction on skin that is already sensitive, she says.

Also, consider taking licorice, sold as an oral supplement and topical lotion and shown in studies to have cortisone-like effects, she says. Plus, it has the added bonus of being a sunburn soother. Continue reading

Real Snake Venom Cocktail Has Bite

A cocktail with real bite has been created by Russian biologist Vasily Krivopalov.

Three times a week the 41-year-old scientist from the southern Russian city of Samara drains venom from one of his 20 pet cobras, and then mixes it with vodka and brown sugar.

He said: “I feel great afterwards, 20 years younger, it is a drink with a real kick.

“A cobra’s poison contains more than 120 useful components, and by adding alcohol to it the dangerous toxins are nullified; and it becomes a very healthy and invigorating drink. I take this medicine regularly and feel great: It rejuvenates and invigorates.”