When a Child with Autism Refuses Most Foods

Case report suggests vitamin deficiencies, serious health problems can follow

The life-threatening health problems that a 9-year-old boy with autismfaced recently shed light on an issue that is rarely discussed.

Many children with autism or other developmental disorders Continue reading

Diet Shift: GMO Food Dangers

A hallmark of our modern times is the fact that too many of us now eat processed, chemicalized, ersatz food. So it’s no wonder metabolic and digestive problems are on the rise, as are food allergies and obesity. There are real dangers in consuming the standard American diet. It’s time to get back to real food.

Agrarian Lifestyle

For millennia prior to the Industrial Revolution, most humans lived an agrarian lifestyle and people raised the food they and their families ate. Fast forward to 2012, and other than kitchen or summer gardens, most people don’t grow their own food nor do they put up food for the winter. But growing your own is something that can significantly improve your meals and your health. Continue reading