Teenager with Cancer Crosses Over; Shocked by what Grandfather Tells Him

Zach had a Near Death Experience at the age of 14 while in the midst of treatment for leukemia. During his NDE experience he encountered a deceased relative. His experience initiated him into asking further questions about life and death, the nature of suffering, how we can live in joy, and why we’re here. Years later, Zach began having more out of body experiences as well as unintended channelings that further helped him understand his near-death experience and revealed answers to those questions.

Zach works as a health & wellness life coach, Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) practitioner, exercise physiologist, speaker and writer. As a result of his NDE and later experiences, Zach realized his life purpose and mission: help others remember their deepest hearts, the deepest place within themselves, that aspect of them that is Infinite, Love, Divine, Oneness. Zach has made it his promise to be an example to others, to inspire them to search within the depths of their soul to realize their Inner Light, the I AM Presence. And once this Light is recognized, to live the lives that we know are meant for us in all aspects.

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