Thai Street Food!! 🌶️ SPICY JUNGLE CURRY in Kanchanaburi – Thailand’s Best Ever Food!!

Welcome to Kanchanaburi, a city and province in Western Thailand, and just a couple hours drive from Bangkok. Kanchanaburi is known for its mountains and jungles and for its jungle food (aa haan baa (อาหารป่า)! Today we’re going on an ultimate Thai jungle food tour.

Thai Jungle Food – Really quickly I wanted to clarify, what is Thai jungle food? As the name entails, it does include food from the jungle or forest – we’re taking hunted, fished, foraged, gathered, picked – all of the above. It’s wild food, and it doesn’t necessarily just mean proteins, but lots of vegetables, herbs, and chilies as well. It’s an entire genre of Thai cuisine and it’s known for being some of the spiciest food in Thailand.

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