The Law is Dead – Long Live Compassion and Truth

From the days of the Romans we know how cruel the law can be. Today, more than ever, the cruelest people are often the ones who cling to the letter of the law. They are the ones who make the laws and implement the laws whether the laws are just or not. The police and the judicial system are on the front lines today of cruelty dishing out harsh punishments for the most benign acts.

The western world we know and grew up in learned the art of cruelty and mental and emotional torture when it went to war against drugs. These people, judges, police, social workers and even prison guards and other departments of the government are all participating in legal practices but will be judged at heaven’s gates for their selfishness and cruelty against others.

There is no shortage of cruelty in the world but sometimes something comes through in the news that provokes our indignation. Actually if we read the news everyday there is always something that can stress us out.

What provoked me to write the above words is the story about a mom who says marijuana is the only thing that helps with her Crohn’s disease surrendered herself to Kansas authorities for arrest Monday, to face possession charges in a state where medical use of pot is illegal. She faces 30 years in prison and already child custody has taken her son away.

Officials have gone mad for decades over this issue and I tell you the heavenly hosts, the guardians of Gods will, do not take it kindly for the hell wrought on earth for one of God’s best presents to us, a weed with almost limitless medical utility.

The dammed are going to suffer for eternity (in a place called hell) but those convicted for innocent crimes against unjust laws suffering will be temporal.

It is impossible to challenge the law when the only possible arrangement; the only option is to accept it. Charles Hugh Smith says, “In effect, the mainstream media is a vast Psychological Operation (PSYOPS) aimed at persuading the American public that the status quo Imperial system of predatory, debt-based crony-capitalism that benefits the few at the expense of the many is not just beneficial to all its debt-serfs and welfare recipients, but it is the only possible system–there is no alternative.”

 There is actually a most powerful alternative to the law and that is love and compassion. I have always lived with the philosophy that with love we need no laws for it is the highest law. Unfortunately there is not enough love on earth to run the show down here without laws. But do we need cruel laws to run our civilization? The richest and most powerful people obviously think so and thus their inbreeding and marriage to the law makes them eternally cruel.

Doomed Civilization

The Automatic Earth writes, “While we were busy being busy we for instance were largely oblivious to the fact the US is no longer a beneficial force in the world, and that it doesn’t spread democracy or freedom. Now you may argue to what extent that has ever been true, and you should, but the perception was arguably much closer to the truth 70 years ago, at the end of WWII, then it is today. Another change we really can’t get our heads around is how the media have turned from a source of information to a source of – pre-fabricated – narratives. We’ll all say to some extent or another that we know our press feeds us propaganda, but, again arguably, few of us are capable of pinpointing to what extent that is true. Perhaps no big surprise given the overdose of what passes for information, but duly noted.”

We have been and continue to be duped by our politicians, bankers, industrialists, doctors and everyone else in power who have wholeheartedly engaged in false narratives about everything from medicine to climate change. They have sold the bad as something good and we expect what from it all? We are on quicksand—our entire civilization—and we are going to be forced to experience the errors of our collective ways.

Medical Beasts

I hold especial contempt for the lowest of the low. The scum of the earth are pediatricians and I do best by forgetting they exist. I wrote a book ten years ago called The Terror of Pediatric Medicine and have given the book away freely ever since. These doctors are not doctors they are something else but I will let the reader come up with choice names with which to identify the kind of person who justifies the creation of suffering on an enormous scale. I just read the essay, Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination, and what can I say that I have not said before. However we can and should conclude once and for all that mainstream doctors are not a beneficial force on earth.

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