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The Most Powerful Techniques to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind (with Crystals) – Morning Routine

Today, we’re discussing how I work with crystals to reprogram my subconscious mind with my morning routine.

Rather than leaving it all to chance,

or to the stars…

don’t get me wrong, those things are great (and I’ll touch a bit more on that in a bit) BUT

I like to Reprogram my Subconscious Mind

so I can orchestrate my life the way I want to — no matter what the stars may have in store for me… or Mercury retro. Is that a control issue?

I’m sharing what I do and what works for me so you can empower yourself; of course, tweak and adapt where you like.

By doing this, I get to enter this beautiful coherent field state of consciousness where just about anything is possible. It tends to change everything for the better in your life.

You get into that groove where everything just seems to be going right.

You feel great.

It tends to influence everything else because of its natural higher amplitude.

In physics, we call that a phase transition.

A small teeny tiny % (as low as 1%) of the molecules, substance, or energy of a higher amplitude will influence all the other energy or molecules around it to get into phase or coherence with it. Also, the Principle of Entrainment can help explain this phenom. A phase transition means you can get into extreme coherence, orderliness, synch, syntropy.

Now, a smart thing to do would be to consult the stars so you can ride the energy and use that to our advantage here too! I like to layer up all the like/similar vibrational freq. to give me a boost here. Rather than letting the energy ride me as my friend, the Moon Mother likes to teach.

But beyond that, by taking specific steps to REPROGRAM my subconscious mind (so I’m not unconsciously throwing things off course) and get into alignment with the vibratory frequency I want to dial into: I create the precise energetic environment that benefits me and harmonizes both my physical and subtle energetic systems to a specific frequency.

I’m actually setting the stage for effectively bringing my manifestations into reality.

You DO have the power to create a reality that excites you on every level!

Through your intentional reprogramming of your unconscious thoughts/energy (that’s important) and carefully designed intentions, you can make every one of your dreams come true. And crystals can greatly help on that journey!

I’m going to give you several techniques here to achieve that with crystals. You don’t need to do all of them. If a certain step here feels in alignment, pull it into your practice. See how that feels, if it feels good, you’re seeing results then add it to your daily routine.

You’ll start to find your groove with it, vibe with it, amplify it and radiate that energy out. You’ll notice the effects starting to impact and activate all sorts of areas of your life.

Setting an intention for my day

So, first things first, I’m setting an intention for my day. But first, I’m getting quiet and getting in touch with peace and calmness. In order to achieve this, I’ve been following my morning routine with slight tweaks here and there for over 15 years now: here’s a quick summary and my most up to date crystal steps:

  • Start my day drinking gem elixir water This reprograms my entire energy field. (Word of caution to be mindful and avoid ingesting potential toxins, check out my toxic crystal list here.)
  • I’ll pick up one of two crystals I typically have by my bedside: now it’s my lepidolite + my rose quartz chunk-buddy and sit up cross-legged on the bed with a straight spine, eyes closed. (***Topaz usually climbs into my lap at this point and purrrrrrrrrs*** Do you know how amazing this is? radiating vibrations between 25 – 150 Hz. These frequencies have been shown to reduce stress, boost your immune system, stimulate serotonin, dopamine, bone density, and cellular repair. Thank you Topaz) I hold the crystal in one or both palms comfortably. With crystal in hand, I’ll launch into several Energetic Hygiene Exercises:
    • With the help of these crystals, I reorganize my energy: I’ve heard several metaphysical teachers teach this technique with some slight differences. Here’s how I do it. As I take a DEEEEEP inhale I’ll say to myself: “I call back all my energy to me.” (while visualizing any lost bits of scattered energy floating back to me + plunking into place where they belong… like a magnet attracting iron filings). Then with a full exhale, expelling all the air out of my lungs I say to myself, “And I release any energy that is not my own.” And I visualize anything that I’ve picked up in my energy field is released. Then I visualize a golden ray of Cosmic light beaming into my Crown (Source Energy) and say “Thank you for your guidance, protection, and beaming optimal health into me.” And finally, I say “I am now whole.” And I visualize my body’s aura cleansed and glowing. 🙂
    • Now it’s time for my Energetic Shower. I visualize/sense the crystal in my hand connecting with my glowing aura (EMF) and beaming energy into me (this energy is like sparkling glowing rays of light with rainbow twinkles in it… you can visualize it any way you like but this is what I see) + flowing through my body, releasing out the top of my head at my crown chakra + then gently flowing back down around me like a fountain of radiant rainbow light… then flowing back up under and through my root chakra in a continuous loop. I actually picture it around me like a twinkling flowing egg-shape of light flowing out and around; a cont. loop. Then I start to feel it. It’s actually there. I’m just making a conscious connection to it. I do that for about 30 seconds. Longer if I really feel I need it. Because sometimes you just do.

There are a few more steps or nuances that I go into more detail with my students in my CCP course (which will be opening up our last term of 2020 for soon) but this gives you the basic idea and outline.

Post Morning Routine

After my morning routine is done – 100% still in bed, I finally get out of bed and begin my day.

  1. I mozy on over to my sacred space and the first thing I do is ring my tingshas.
  2. Then I turn on my crystal healing session station Pandora.
  3. Next, I read/write in my fav. diary/journal and Sandra Walter’s decrees as daily reminders then jotting down what my intention is for my morning meditation; see what the energies for that day are, keeping in mind on how I’d like to re-program my subconscious mind. From there I choose the crystal I’m going to work with based on that intention and I make note of it in my journal.
  4. Then I launch into my ~15-minute crystal meditation. I always find that if I make it a point to meditate, my day goes so much better. (If you want guidance on HOW to do a crystal meditation… here you go) The busier my day, the better! I go to my sacred space where I can’t be disturbed for that time, hold my crystal so I can have it support me in receiving what’s needed, or entrain my energy field to fit my intention (if I have a specific goal).

These reprogramming technologies have become part of my daily rituals to get in touch with my Higher Self (subconscious mind), connect to Source Energy, and get into coherence with the multiverse.

I also have an evening crystal routine for reprogramming the Subconscious mind. (If you want me to detail that too, please let me know in the comments!)

Crystal Blessings and Namaste,

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