The New Global Digital Prison: The Data-ification and Financialization of All of Life – Alison McDowell

Original Video Title: “The Data Harvesting Of Children From Cradle To Grave – Alison McDowell”

Alison McDowell – activist and independent researcher from Philadelphia has being extensively bringing to the surface for years now the harsh reality of what the likes of the world economic forum, agenda 21 and the fourth industrial revolution has mapped out for the global population. In this episode Alison covers a great deal on the future of education and how children are being turned into data commodities even as early as being in the womb onwards. The block chain smart contracts, block chain identity, machine learning, social impact bond and impact markets for behavioural engineering. Alison also talks about the Vatican banks ties to all this, Bill Gates, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney being the main funder to Unicef’s innovation fund that is drones, AI, VR and Blockchain too name but a few. The Covid trigger, Id2020, silicon valley and the datafication of all life under a one world surveillance state.

Source: Mindwars Youtube Channel

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