The State of the Union is DISMAL

Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was a pack of shameless lies, propaganda and artificial narratives woven together by a man who despises everything America stands for

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I explain the real state of the union: It’s dismal.

Sadly, since the elections are rigged, we can’t vote our way out of this authoritarian tyranny. And since free speech is banned, we also can’t debate our way out of it.

The only way out appears to be a total collapse of the system, followed by a rebuilding among those who manage to survive.

I cover this across all the following points:

– Economy & jobs / affordability of products and services
– Currency / devaluation
– Human rights: J6 political prisoners, child mutilations
– Health / covid / bioweapons and vaccine depopulation weapons
– Civility / peace / rule of law (Biden is anti-cop, and the Democrats let felons out of prison)
– Finance and the collapsing jobs market (don’t trust government jobs statistics lies)
– National security & military / China’s EMP weapons platform balloon
– Education / indoctrination of children
– Liberty / 2nd Amendment attacks by teh ATF
– Free speech and government collusion with Big Tech to silence voices of truth
– Justice system rigged against real Americans
– Democracy & elections / last three elections rigged to install tyrants into power
– Culture (wokeism), demonism in Hollywood / Grammy’s demonic demonstration brought to you by Pfizer
– Demographics – mass die-off under way right now

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