There’s No Denying It, the PSA Test Is Worthless.

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Strong words, I know – but time and again science has proven that the prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening is unreliable at best, downright dangerous at worst. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) spoke out in opposition to the PSA, saying: “A blood test for prostate cancer may lead to more problems than it is worth.”

The PSA is not “prostate-specific” as the name indicates: A bad cold or other form of infection may cause an elevation of what’s supposed to be the “prostate-specific” antigen. Can you imagine deciding to have prostate surgery – something that will likely leave you impotent and incontinent for the rest of your life – based on such an unreliable test? I know I can’t. But thousands of men who don’t know any better do it every single day.

Mainstream medicine’s solution: Slash and Burn!

It’s true. And it’s sad, too. The most common form of modern prostate surgery involves jamming a quarter-inch-thick pipe half a foot or so up your urethra (yep, you read that right), then frying your prostate with a hot wire loop. Not a lot of fun.

I’m telling you, unless your cancer is severely advanced, you should think twice before settling for the mainstream medicine’s “solutions.”

These facts don’t stop most conventional doctors from pushing the PSA test, subsequent biopsies, and all manner of invasive, damaging treatments for prostate cancer cases that may never progress enough to kill.

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