They WANT it to spread: Kaiser Permanente theatens to FIRE nurses for wearing N95 masks while treating coronavirus patients


Nurses working at Kaiser Permanente facilities in California face being fired for wearing their own N95 masks while treating coronavirus-infected patients, health care unions are now warning. The story, broken by The Intercept, is sending shockwaves of disbelief across the internet as people are coming to realize some health authorities are TRYING to spread the epidemic in America.

Via The Intercept:

The California Nurses Association and National Nurses United sent a flyer to members noting that Kaiser had threatened nurses with firing if they wear their own N95 masks, which offer a high level of protection from airborne contaminants, to work. “Kaiser has told nurses that if they’re seen wearing their personal N95 masks, they could be fired ‘on the spot’ for insubordination,” the flyer read.

Close to 100 nurses and family members gathered outside Kaiser’s Oakland Medical Center on Monday night to protest the new guidelines, saying that they put both patients and critical staff at risk. Staff at the center have been caring for patients from the Grand Princess cruise ship, which had at least 21 passengers test positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

California leaders are literally trying to spread the epidemic, because they can’t be this incompetent

What this means is that health authorities in California are trying to spread the coronavirus. This has become increasingly obvious with LA County previously announcing they would no longer even attempt to contain the virus. They ordered doctors to stop nearly all coronavirus testing, which also means halting all isolation attempts to stop the spread from accelerating.

Not long before that, Sacramento County ended all quarantine attempts and announced that high-risk people would simply be released from quarantine directives and allowed to spread the coronavirus without limit.

If you look around the world, the only countries that have successfully kept a lid on the Wuhan coronavirus — South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. — did so through aggressive testing, contact tracing and quarantine measures. None of those measures are being followed in California.

And that means “Escape from L.A.” isn’t just a Kurt Russell movie… it’s about to become reality in the very near future as Los Angeles collapses into death, disease, chaos and lawlessness.

Here’s an animated map of the confirmed infections spreading across America, thanks to lunatics like those running California. Notably, Gov. Cuomo in NY is doing a far better job of working to stop the explosion in NYC (although, it’s important to note the virus has not been stopped in NY, not by a long shot…).

When that happens, just remember: It was all by design. They wanted this to happen. That’s why the CDC withheld viable testing kits for nearly a month while the virus spread across America.

Here’s where all this is headed: The “Venezuela scenario” for America, complete with mass starvation, hyperinflation, gun control and authoritarian tyranny, perhaps with “President Cuomo” sworn in next January.

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