They Won’t Tell You This – How To REPROGRAM Yourself with Bruce Lipton | NLS Podcast

During his early research work at Stanford, he started to realize that what scientists were learning and teaching others about genetics and genetic determinism was faulty. He came to understand that we are in fact the masters, not the victims of our genes. Ostracized by his peers early on for his pioneering work, Bruce was finally vindicated when 23 years later in the early 1990s, his work in Epigenetics became recognized by modern science.

Bruce discusses at length with us the importance of understanding the programs that we are inculcated with early on in our lives and how these programs unfortunately run the majority of our lives. We discuss how our consciousness has direct input into the culture of our cells … how our cells are formed based on our environment and what and how we “feed” them.

We talk about cells as the “antennas of self” — how our bodies are receptors of our own broadcasts. We also discuss the importance of creating and of breaking through our old programs and taking on new programs that don’t perpetuate disharmony. And to our giddy pleasure we also touch upon the importance of dreams: disconnecting from the machine and doorways.

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