Thinking of Cryogenics? Here Are Some Sources

Cryonic suspension is an experimental procedure whereby patients who no longer can be kept alive with today’s medical abilities are preserved at low temperature for treatment in the future. There are many good cryonics resources available online. Remember; cryonic suspension is only the second worst thing that can happen to you!


Alcor is the world’s largest provider of cryonics services, and has been around since 1972. Their website provides some useful introductory material, amongst other things.


Cryonet is the home of an active mailing list and online community. Links to sundry resources, opinions and commentaries on Cryonics can be found here.

Scientists’ Open Letter on Cryonics

“Cryonics is a legitimate science-based endeavor that seeks to preserve human beings, especially the human brain, by the best technology available. Future technologies for resuscitation can be envisioned that involve molecular repair by nanomedicine, highly advanced computation, detailed control of cell growth, and tissue regeneration.”

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation is a research-and-development company located in South Florida. Their goal is to improve and validate procedures and equipment for intervention after cardiac arrest with the intention of delaying cell death in the human brain.

The Cryonics Society

The Cryonics Society aims to foster support for the emerging science of cryonics by educating the public, advocating for more research, and by providing objective and unbiased information about cryonics and its benefits to everyone.

The Timeship

The Timeship is an interesting project that has been in the works for some years now, to be funded by the founders of the Life Extension Foundation. The building, designed by Stephen Valentine, will host research into cryonics and other technologies.

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