Thousands of people have joined to exercise free speech about vaccines, Christianity, Trump and other topics that get banned by Big Tech Friday, September 18, 2020 by: Mike Adams


Since launching the beta version of, the new social media alternative to Twitter, thousands of people have joined the network and are expressing all sorts of positive comments about being able to speak without censorship. allows you to post memes, short text messages, pictures and short videos. (For longer videos, post them to and then post the URL of that video into, it will automatically embed as a playable video.)

On, there is:

  • No censorship of pro-Christian, pro-Trump or pro-America views
  • No shadowbanning
  • No surveillance tracking of users
  • No ties to Google or Amazon is hosted outside the USA and is built on the open source Mastodon platform, with extensive customization and added features. (We intend to contribute to the Mastodon community to help support open source efforts.)

ZGoldenReport, which runs a popular video channel on, has joined and is posting intriguing content each evening:

Another user named John Dolph is posting breaking news items throughout the day, covering BLM terrorism, current events and attacks on police:

Another account called HappyTheMan has just joined and is posting intriguing videos about liberty and globalist government corruption:

As with any social media network, you can follow these channels once you join, and you can cite other users in your messaging by using their user name (mine is @healthranger). You can also embed these “toots” into your own web page, or “boost” other people’s posts to your own followers.

Join right now and join the uncensored, pro-liberty conversation!

Note: Yahoo Mail is currently blocking email from our servers, so use a different email provider that isn’t run by left-wing authoritarians. is a good choice for a free, secure email account.

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