Sara Walker | Understanding Origins Of Life, Time and Space, Assembly

Sara is an Astro – Biologist, and a theoretical physicist. Sara is most interested in the origin of life. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Potential life on other worlds. Sara’s intelligence can be intimidating, but there is no other way to learn, except to get outside what you already know.

Today’s interview was a very interesting, enlightening, confusing, about life, and how it came to be. Exploring concepts of biology, quantum physics, space and time. Time is of great interest to Sara. Considering if time exists, and is it the causal platform to create life and Universes. If you are into science, and how life began, you are going to be riveted to this episode with Sara Walker.

00:00 – Intro 05:06 – Theoretical Physics 07:06 – Motivation To Be A Physicist 08:12 – Theory Of Gravitation 14:10 – Entanglement 18:10 – Theory Of Relativity 25:10 – Origins Of Life 38:00 – There Is Life All Around Us 43:00 – Assembly Theory 49:00 – Quantum Physics 54:00 – Understanding Science 58:00 – Extraterrestrial Possibilities 1:00:00 – Consciousness 1:23:00 – Humans Are Amazing

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