Unwinding the Veil of the Soul’s Akashic Experience

Once you release these patterns of energy, your life will be more peaceful. You’ll feel freer. Releasing these ancestral patterns will help you to live with greater joy and fulfillment.

The soul is eternal. It never dies. It has a long “history” of incarnation through which it has lived many experiences that can be perceived as different lives, lives in different times and different worlds. The energy of these experiences is carried purposefully in our quantum memory – for it guides and influences us in ways that allow a progressive acquisition of memory that serves us in future incarnations. Along the journey, there is a free will component that allows us to make choices and learn about the nature of these choices – to keep our pathway aligned to a higher light and wisdom. This has been referred to as karma. At this moment in the collective evolution of humanity – the value of these energies diminishes and needs to be “cleared” to provide a necessary reset. This in essence removes the emotional overlay and energy of influence – and provides a great observer ship and wisdom/understanding that is direct in its influence. You can think of this as a Gift of Grace – one that allows a greater and more direct alignment with the higher over lighting light of your soul’s Higher Self and I Am Presence. As we step into the ascension energies – it is into the ascension energies but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our soul’s extended lineage.

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