US Tele-Medicine – Our Philosophy

As medical providers, we believe that patients who are seeking wellness deserve a choice. You ought to have a choice in medicines. In addition to synthetic prescription drugs, there are natural medicines which may be more beneficial to you, but insurance companies offer you no such choice.

Integrated medicines have always been an out of pocket expense. The purchase of expensive natural and integrated medicines causes financial burdens on the average patient, because there is no reimbursement. The patient is only guilty of trying to feel better, live longer with fewer complications, and find relief for pain and chronic conditions.

It is our firm belief this added financial encumbrance on people, especially these days, is both unfair and unjust. We know that even the most generous health care reform enacted in 2009-2010 will take two years to realization.

Therefore, we elected to assign a percentage of our income to our E-Care patients. We trust these monies will empower those patients to purchase and use integrated medicines for their complete health and wellness.

We provide people with the financial freedom of choice.

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