Use Flower Remedies to Harmonize the Body, Mind and Spirit

Dr. Edward Bach noticed that people with similar attitudes often had similar complaints. He concluded that mood and a negative outlook on life predisposed people toward ill-health and that illness is a manifestation of a deeper mental or emotional health imbalance. Flower essences are said to contain the life forces of the flowers used to make them. They work by relieving negative feelings, and they encourage the healing process by balancing energy in the body.

Negative emotions tend to depress the mind and immune system, thereby contributing to poor health. Dr. Bach identified 7 main negative states: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances (or detachment), loneliness, over-care for the welfare of others, despondency or despair, and over-sensitivity to influences and ideas. By addressing these negative emotions and learning the healing capacity of peace, hope, joy, faith, wisdom and love, it is possible to develop a positive outlook and a general sense of well-being.

Flower remedies can support one in a time of crises, treat negative emotions produced by an illness,address a recurring emotional or behavioral pattern and strengthen one during a temporary emotional setback. The remedies are gentle and may even be used as a preventative remedy when things start to get out of balance. It may take months, however, to change a long-standing negative pattern of thought.

Do flower remedies work?

Generally considered as nothing more than a placebo by many, others testify to the effectiveness of flower remedies. For example, a widely used flower remedy addresses sleeplessness, anxiety and shock.

Five flower essences make up the core recipe of this line, as follows:

Star of Bethlehem – used for trauma and shock

Clematis – used to bring clarity and alertness

Cherry Plum – used for a fear of losing control

Impatiens – used for stress reduction, irritability, and to alleviate impatience

Rock Rose – used for panic and terror

The combination of essences here make the remedy useful for calming one down in cases of insomnia, job interviews, public speaking, test taking and other stressful episodes.

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Many practitioners of disciplines such as herbalism, homeopathy and aromatherapy use flower remedies to complement their own remedies. A few flower essence therapists use the remedies exclusively.

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