Using Alternative Medicine to Alleviate Thyroid Headache Pain

Health Implications

Headache pain is a common part of our daily lives and often is simply attributed to stress or other acute health conditions. For those with a thyroid disorder, the onset of chronic headache pain is part of the side

effects of hypothyroidism, and often can be challenging to treat. If you are looking for ways to alleviate your chronic headache pain, without impacting your thyroid treatment, you may want to consider using alternative medicine options.

Thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism, can cause chronic headache pain to develop – including the risk for developing migraine headache pain. In most cases, these head pain complications are attributed to the fluctuation in metabolism, digestion, and the fluctuation in hormone management. It is important, therefore, to not disrupt your thyroid treatment and to find ways in which to naturally cure, and prevent, your chronic headache pain from continuing.

Natural solutions for headache pain can be quite varied. Many thyroid disorder sufferers are turning to acupuncture as a viable way to not only treat headache pain but to also prevent headache pain from developing. With acupuncture treatment that is regular, typically once per week, many thyroid disorder patients are reporting improvement in their headache pain as demonstrated by reduced frequency.

Should acupuncture not be an alternative medicine approach you wish to consider for your headache pain, then you may want to talk to your doctor about the use of natural vitamins and other supplements. It is important not to initiate the taking of vitamins and supplements for your headache pain until your doctor has approved the use as some medications, vitamins, and supplements can adversely interact with your thyroid hormone replacement medications. Vitamins and supplements typically used to naturally alleviate headache pain include magnesium and Feverfew.

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